General Information About Malta

Area: 320 sq km (124 sq mi)
Population: 411,277 (July 2013)
English and Maltese
Roman Catholic
Capital city:
Valletta (pop 92,000)
Parliamentary democracy
Health risks:
240V, 50Hz
Weights & measures:

People of Malta - Maltese People

Climate: Learn English in the sun...

Learn English in the sun - Learn English in Malta Malta enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate with hot dry summers and mild winters. The yearly average temperature is 26 degrees Celsius.The Islands have a sunny climate with a daily average of six hours sunshine in mid-winter to more than 12 hours in summer. Rainfall is low, averaging annually to 578 mm a year. Bathing in the sea is often possible well into the winter season and the height of the beach season can last till the end of October.

Currency: Good value for money...

The Euro is the local national currency and is made up of 100 Euro cents. Banks usually open from 8:30 in the mornings and close at 12:30. International bank cards are accepted and foreign currency is easily exchanged. Most restaurants and hotels accept credit cards such as Visa, American Express, Master Card and Carte Blanche. Automats and exchange bureau can be found all over the island. Good value for Money...

Driving License: drive safely in Malta...

Driving in Malta

In Malta driving is on the left.

Holders of valid driving licences issued in any other EU Member State can drive in Malta without the need to obtain any additional permits.

Holders of valid driving licences issued in any other country, can drive up to one year in Malta.

Public Transport: convenient and reasonably priced...

Public Transport in Malta is reasonably priced and it's an efficient way to arrive to your destinations. The main bus terminus is in Valletta just outside the city gate. Most bus routes leave and go to Valletta apart from a few circular routes and all pass through it's suburb city, Floriana. Public Transport in Malta

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