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<p>Ksenia Perfileva from Russia - Scuba Diving Lesson.</p>
<p>Students - Summer 2004</p>
<p>Lucia on the beach</p>
<p>Students' Night Out</p>
<p>English Plus Students in class</p>
<p>Lucia from Slovakia</p>
<p>Alicia Murciano - From Spain</p>
<p>Lucia from Slovakia and Vicha from Russia</p>
<p>Alicia Murciano from Spain with Aaron Busuttil - Head of School</p>
<p>Sanzhar, Piotr &                  his daughter Klaudia</p>
<p>Anna on a Harbour Cruise</p>
<p>Anna from Russia and Anya (Tour Guide) at the beach</p>
<p>Adult Students' Night Out - Paceville, Malta</p>
<p>Students' Photographic Experience - Malta</p>
<p>Alicia Murciano from Spain with Joseph Gerada - Director of Studies</p>


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